An opinion on impeachment

Impeachment is a catalyst for taming hyper partisanship.

It’s safe to say that impeachment of Donald Trump is “Live History”, an unsettling parallel to the fact that the sitting president is a reality TV star. America! Anything is possible.

Like most liberals I was shocked to see Donald Trump walking across his stage on election night. Slowly with dilated eyes like a shark he declared victory.

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At this point every American should be aware of the hyper political polarization in our country. It was at its most visceral point on social media in 2016.

The Facts

We have learned a lot about the fact that our digital lives can be used to divide us. If this fact is a debate rather than a discussion to you then please go consider this Medium article from some UW researchers, topic II and III of the Muller Report, The Great Hack on Netflix and this bi-partisan Senate Intelligence Committee Report.

Here are more facts. Trump did not collude with Russia. He benefited from the Russian disinformation campaign coincidently. Russia did not directly hack election systems in the US and Trump was elected fairly by the electoral college.

At this point if you are a conservative that is prone to calling people snowflakes or a liberal that still can’t understand why Trump is in office I have breaking news for you that is critical to our democracy. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

An affordance

As a liberal myself I have made it a point to try and find silver linings in Trumps presidency. It’s a courtesy that we should always afford the other political party. At worst, it will strengthen your own arguments.

So, incase you have not been paying attention here are good things Trump is doing.

  1. The First Step Act is a landmark sweeping federal prison system reform bill. Passed through the legislative branch and signed into law by Trump last year.
  2. Bump Stock Ban. Tump banned the tool that was used by the Las Vegas shooter.
  3. Ratification of the USMCA. This is the trade deal Trump has made with Mexico and Canada. It sets North America up to be one of, if not the most competitive trading blocks on the planet. Ratified by congress recently.
  4. Tough on China. Someone had to do it. I’m not thrilled at his approach but better sooner that later.
  5. Space Force. While I can’t stand the way Trump talks about it, it is inevitably something we need for national security and R@D. Add some rocket fuel to the space race.
  6. Jobs. You could argue that no sitting president really has a lot of control over the general economy. However, you can’t ignore the face that unemployment is really down and staying that way.
  7. Calling out NATO Allies on not paying 2% GDP.
  8. Fake News. He is right about this. Pay attention and think critically.

A Reality

As I list off the positive things I can come up with about Trump I picture myself sitting next to him, trying to figure out which direction to pet his hair.

Politics are so fascinating because they sit at the intersection of every university major that won’t land you an immediate job. Trump is a force the political world was not ready for. He is the unequivocal cumulation of Americas cultural dark side over the last 50 years. Truly a wonder to behold. A bigot, misogynist, rapist, capitalist, liar, fraudster, and narcissist. He sucks the wind out of constructive discord and claims every benefit. There is only jail time or shame for people foolish enough to call themselves a supporter. He truly has grabbed you by the pussy.

We can do better than him.

An Impeachment

Trump committed a crime when he solicited Ukraine for helping “us” investigate a political rival. An impeachable crime? The answer is yes. He is impeached. Laws are only as real as consequences and I applaud the Democrats for following through.

As righteous as Trump is he broke the law and I consider this impeachment to be our democracy living and breathing. Just like when Trump got elected.

One of the Republican arguments against impeachment was that it will create a dangerous precedent for presidents going forward. Good.

An Opinion

We should no longer look to individuals, demagogues, or single positions of power for answers.

The idolization of a single person or position in the day and age of disinformation is the recipe for partisan politics. I’m glad the power of the presidency will be diminished with this impeachment. Checks and balances can still work in chaos.

There is another factor around the presidency that I became aware of recently that increases partisanship. It’s the fact that presidents gets to appoint people for life to the Supreme Court.

The stakes on these appointments are immensely high. The Supreme Court represents the even keel of US political culture and the ability to set precedent that can last decades.

If we reduced Supreme Court terms to 15 years it could take the lid off the political pressure cooker that seems to be heated by the executive branch.

Supreme Court term limits combined with normalization of impeachment could be the radical changes we need to move this country forward and heal.


This is my first article not related to programming. Unlike programming, politics has less truthfulness and way fewer facts. Regardless. If something in this article is outright wrong please say something. The only redeeming thing a person can do is be humble and learn.

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I contribute to the start-up grind in Seattle as an iOS Engineer. I also used to fly airplanes.

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